CashWise v2.0

CashWise 2 brings categories, new data entry fields, an improved transaction entry screen and support for iPhone 5’s larger screen.

New in version 2.0

  • NEW – Get super-organised by arranging your finances into categories.
  • NEW – View or print your transactions with summary totals and pie charts.
  • NEW – Additional data entry fields: Payee, Category, Ref and Complete.
  • NEW – Pro users can fully customize categories.
  • NEW – Pro users can hide or show data entry fields as required.
  • IMPROVED – A much improved transaction entry screen.
  • IMPROVED – Export and PDF Statements fully support the new data entry fields.
  • IMPROVED – Search results now shows a count of the number of transactions found.
  • IMPROVED – Full support for iPhone 5’s larger screen.
  • Updated a range of under-the-hood tools & api’s to keep CashWise current, safe and secure.