CashWise v3.0

Break out the trumpets — CashWise 3 is here

That’s right … with recurring transactions; summary totals; high value transactions; an improved completion marker; tweaks to screen resolutions, sizes, fonts & colours; a new ad partner for the free version and a raft of under the hood changes, improvements and bug fixes all-round. Version 3 is codenamed BigBoy for very good reasons. We hope you enjoy.

New in version 3

  • NEW – Repeating Transactions.
  • NEW – Grand Totals on the account list screen, with full support for multi-currency.
  • IMPROVED – Better support for high value transactions.
  • IMPROVED – Easier to identify Completed transactions on-screen and in the PDF report.
  • IMPROVED – Make better use of larger screens and improved the user interface in several areas.
  • IMPROVED – CSV import is much improved.
  • IMPROVED – Export has been improved and had several bugs squashed.
  • CHANGE – Better ad support for free users.
  • Updated a range of under-the-hood tools & api’s to keep CashWise current, safe and secure.
  • The lowest supported version of iOS is now iOS 8.0.

NOTE: The actually version number of this release is v3.0.1