CashWise v1.5.1

CashWise 1.5.1 is a maintenance release, adding a privacy policy and providing several bug fixes. New in version 1.5.1 Adds a privacy policy. Squashes several small bugs.

CashWise v1.5

CashWise 1.5 brings a couple of much requested features: New in version 1.5 Create PDF statements — Requires iOS 3.2+ Export transactions. Displays a count of transactions. Printing via AirPrint (Pro only) — Requires iOS 4.2+ Annual transaction list (Pro only)

CashWise v1.4

CashWise 1.4 brings the ability to easily adjust an account balance and makes changing transactions easier. New in version 1.4 Easily adjust an account balance. Quickly turn an existing debit into a credit, and vice-versa. The keyboard is automatically displayed when adding a new transaction. Several bug fixes and minor user interface adjustments.

CashWise v1.3

CashWise 1.3 brings summary totals to the monthly breakdown screen and speeds up entering a passcode. New in version 1.3 Summary totals are now shown on the monthly breakdown screen. Makes it easier to enter a passcode. Several bug fixes and minor user interface adjustments.

CashWise v1.2

CashWise 1.2 allows you to protect your finances with a password, securing them in an encrypted vault using state of the art 256-bit AES encryption. New in version 1.2 Adds the ability to protect your finances with a password. Encrypts your transactions with 256-bit AES encryption.

CashWise v1.1

CashWise 1.1 is a maintenance release squashing several bugs and adding a “Review on the App Store” button. New in version 1.1 Adds a “Review on the App Store” button. Squashes several bugs.

CashWise v1.0

I’m very excited to announce that CashWise is now available on the App Store. CashWise is an easy to use cash-book style app, designed to help you look after your money with minimal fuss.