Frequently Asked Questions

Will CashWise work on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

Yes, as long as your iPhone or iPod Touch is running iOS 13.0 or above.

Will CashWise work on my iPad??

Yes, as long as it is running iOS 13.0 or above. CashWise also works well with split view and slide over.

Can I pay once and Go Pro on all my iPhones?

Yes, as long as all your iPhones use the same App Store account you will only pay once.

Follow these steps:

  • Upgrade to CashWise Pro on your first phone.
  • Then start CashWise on the other phone.
  • Tap the settings button at the bottom of the screen (the cog).
  • Choose “Go Pro” from the menu.
  • Tap “Already bought CashWise Pro?” (you must be online at the time).
  • Then just follow the prompts.

And better still – you can share your purchase with everyone in your family via Apple Family Sharing.

Is CashWise available on Android, Mac or Windows?

Sorry, no. CashWise is only available for Apple iOS devices.

Does CashWise collect my personal information?

We are not interested in your personal, private or financial information.
We do not collect it, we do not want it, please do not send it to us!

To help make CashWise better we do collect some anonymous usage statistics, known as analytics,
but you can turn this off if you want.

For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy

I am stuck. How do I get help?

Just drop us an email.