CashWise v3.5

Say hello to dark mode, for all you night owls out there. New and updated in version 3.5 Full support for dark mode. Fixed an issue with the Money transfer screen. Built for iOS 16 Now supports iOS 13+

CashWise v3.4

CashWise v3.4 focuses on iPad, adding support for split view and slide over. New in version 3.4 Improved iPad experience. Enabled iPad multitasking and added support for split view and slide over. Updated import instructions. Updated legal notices and privacy policy. Fix bug with reordering the account list. Improved PDF viewer.

CashWise v3.3

CashWise v3.3 is a maintenance release, with improved support for the latest iOS devices. New in version 3.3 Updated to support the latest iOS devices and iOS 15. Fixed out of date URLs. Added tracking request for better clarity & ad support. Improved adverts for free users. Fixed several minor UI layout issues.

Sending Your Crash Logs

If you have a problem with CashWise, especially if the app has crashed on you, it can greatly help us find the problem if you can send us your crash logs. The following instructions are for iOS 15, other versions may vary slightly. Manually email your crash logs directly from your device Open the …

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CashWise v3.2.1

CashWise v3.2.1 is a maintenance release, fixing a few issues and improving the import instructions. New in version 3.2.1 Updated import instructions. Fixed an issue with the export file count. Fixed a few layout issues for smaller devices. Added a link to Blocks Away.

CashWise v3.1

CashWise v3.1 brings full support for iPhone X and makes it easier to edit account details. New in version 3.1 Updated user-interface for iPhone X Easier to edit an account – just swipe over the account name. Clearer messaging when deleting an account. Updated a range of under-the-hood tools & api’s to keep CashWise safe …

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CashWise v3.0

Break out the trumpets — CashWise 3 is here That’s right … with recurring transactions; summary totals; high value transactions; an improved completion marker; tweaks to screen resolutions, sizes, fonts & colours; a new ad partner for the free version and a raft of under the hood changes, improvements and bug fixes all-round. Version 3 …

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CashWise v2.2

CashWise 2.2 brings CSV file import, improved foreign number support and adds 64bit device support. New in version 2.2 NEW – Import transaction data via CSV. NEW – Added 64bit support for newer devices. IMPROVED – Multi-Currency support. Numbers can now be automatically translated to the users own locale or kept in the currency’s locale …

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CashWise v2.1

CashWise 2.1 brings a brand new look and feel to the entire app. New in version 2.1 A brand new look and feel to the entire app. Full multi-currency support. Create accounts in any currency. Reorder your accounts as you wish. Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday are now options when entering a transaction date. Updated a …

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CashWise v2.0

CashWise 2 brings categories, new data entry fields, an improved transaction entry screen and support for iPhone 5’s larger screen. New in version 2.0 NEW – Get super-organised by arranging your finances into categories. NEW – View or print your transactions with summary totals and pie charts. NEW – Additional data entry fields: Payee, Category, …

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