CashWise v3.2.1

CashWise v3.2.1 is a maintenance release, fixing a few issues and improving the import instructions. New in version 3.2.1 Updated import instructions. Fixed an issue with the export file count. Fixed a few layout issues for smaller devices. Added a link to Blocks Away.

CashWise v3.1

CashWise v3.1 brings full support for iPhone X and makes it easier to edit account details. New in version 3.1 Updated user-interface for iPhone X Easier to edit an account – just swipe over the account name. Clearer messaging when deleting an account. Updated a range of under-the-hood tools & api’s to keep CashWise safe …

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CashWise v3.0

Break out the trumpets — CashWise 3 is here That’s right … with recurring transactions; summary totals; high value transactions; an improved completion marker; tweaks to screen resolutions, sizes, fonts & colours; a new ad partner for the free version and a raft of under the hood changes, improvements and bug fixes all-round. Version 3 …

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CashWise v2.2

CashWise 2.2 brings CSV file import, improved foreign number support and adds 64bit device support. New in version 2.2 NEW – Import transaction data via CSV. NEW – Added 64bit support for newer devices. IMPROVED – Multi-Currency support. Numbers can now be automatically translated to the users own locale or kept in the currency’s locale …

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CashWise v2.1

CashWise 2.1 brings a brand new look and feel to the entire app. New in version 2.1 A brand new look and feel to the entire app. Full multi-currency support. Create accounts in any currency. Reorder your accounts as you wish. Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday are now options when entering a transaction date. Updated a …

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CashWise v2.0

CashWise 2 brings categories, new data entry fields, an improved transaction entry screen and support for iPhone 5’s larger screen. New in version 2.0 NEW – Get super-organised by arranging your finances into categories. NEW – View or print your transactions with summary totals and pie charts. NEW – Additional data entry fields: Payee, Category, …

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CashWise v1.6

CashWise 1.6 is all about moving money around. New in version 1.6 NEW – Transfer money between accounts. NEW – Move transactions between accounts. IMPROVED – An improved ad experience for free users. A range of minor bug fixes and user interface improvements.

CashWise v1.5.2

CashWise 1.5.2 is a maintenance release to provide better international character support. New in version 1.5.2 Improved international character support.

CashWise v1.5.1

CashWise 1.5.1 is a maintenance release, adding a privacy policy and providing several bug fixes. New in version 1.5.1 Adds a privacy policy. Squashes several small bugs.

CashWise v1.5

CashWise 1.5 brings a couple of much requested features: New in version 1.5 Create PDF statements — Requires iOS 3.2+ Export transactions. Displays a count of transactions. Printing via AirPrint (Pro only) — Requires iOS 4.2+ Annual transaction list (Pro only)